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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

M.y. I.n.t.e.r.e.s.t

Sekarang saya gila la tgk 'Slam Dunk'.. Hari-hari tgk 'Slam Dunk' bila balik dr kerja.. Hilang penat dan segala tekanan yang ada di dalam minda saya ni.. Byk benda yang boleh dipelajari daripada cite ni... Oklah, sekian saja...

.. fadroy..

Monday, November 15, 2010

F.i.r.s.t T.i.m.e

Raya Qurban tahun ini mencatatkan sejarah yang tersendiri kerana buat kali pertama saya memang betul-betul beraya di Perantauan.. Perantauan? Bolehlah dikatakan Perantauan kerana saya berhari raya di Putrajaya.. Jauh dari kampung halaman yang terletak di Johor Bahru.. Berkobar-kobar semangat nak masak rendang ayam malam raya ni... hehehe.. first time masak rendang ni... Menu untuk hari raya ni ialah rendang ayam, sambal kacang dan nasi himpit... menu tambahan ialah roti gulung hotdog... Harap-harap menjadilah semuanya.. InsyaAllah...

30 d.a.y.s of H.a.p.p.i.n.e.s.s


1. Say Thank You today and every single day forward.. (InsyaAllah)
2. Look for the best and signify its awesomeness..
3. Perform the good deeds first..
4. Apologize and forgive yourself at once..
5. Be calm before responding to critism and anger..
6. Be attentive to loved ones.
7. Be generous.. (Must!)
8. See the best in people.. Dont be prejudice..
9. Learn to accept...
10. Share good ideas with others..
11. Celebrate special occasion together..
12. Dont be judgemental and start new friendship..
13. Change Yourself..
14. Respect other people's feeling..
15. Always maintain confidentiality..
16. Appreciate all contributions..
17. Praise spontaneously..
18. Forget the past.. Focus on the future..
19. Be assertive, and dont feel guilty about it..
20. Overcome sadness/ melancholy/ regret..
21. Avoid power struggle..
22. Clear the heart of revenge
23. Stop destructive criticism...
24. Accept and respect a person as he is...
25. Give encouragement...
26. Use positive and motivational words / phrases..
27. Laugh, make jokes and be jovial...
28. Give present (I like to accept!)
29. Spread happy news around..
30. Be content and thankful..
Sekian.. fadroy...

D.o.n.t B.e S.a.d ...


"Dont be sad.. You have two ears, lips, two hands, two legs, a tougue, a heart, peace, safety and a helathy body. You have the true Religion to live by,a house to live, rice to eat, water to drink and clothes to wear..

"Dont be sad.. If you are poor, the someone else is immersed in debt, If you do not own your own means of transportation, then someone else has been deprived of his legs. If you have reason to complain concerning the pains of sickness, them someone else has been bedridden for years..

"Dont be sad.. everything occurs according to preordainment and according to what has been decreed. And nothing happens in the Universe except through Allah's Knowledge, Permision and Devine Plan..

"Dont be sad.. Because your sadness pleases your enemy, angers your friend and make the jealous rejoice.."

"Dont be sad.. Because it causes the hearts to contract, the face to frown, the spirit to weaken and hope to vanish..."
"Dont be sad.. Sadness causes you to imagine poison when you are looking at pure water, to see a cactus when you are looking at a rose, to see a barren desert when you are in an unbearable prison when you are living on a vast and expansive earth...

sekian.. fadroy...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I.k.l.a.n S.e.b.e.n.t.a.r


Several posts in this blog has to be removed due to several circumstances.

Sekian... fadroy...